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The Tax Office Hours are 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM on Fridays. 

Upcoming Office Closures:

  • Memorial Day - Monday, May 27th

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2023 Adopted Tax Rate 0.9867

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Alief ISD Tax Office
P.O. Box 368
Alief, TX 77411

Location Address:

Alief Support Facility
14051 Bellaire Blvd #100
Houston, TX 77083

Phone # 281-498-3660

Fax # 281-530-6718

Email Questions: Alieftax

When Paying Taxes Online:

Online property tax payment transactions must be completed by 11:59 PM Central Standard/Daylight Savings Time on or before the due date to avoid additional penalties and interest charges.

There is a $25 administrative charge for incorrect information entered or payments dishonored by your financial institution or rejected by your service provider. 

Forms of Payment Accepted: E-Checks, Credit Cards, Debit Cards

Additional Online Payment Fees:

  • E-Checks fee is $3.00

  • Visa Debit fee is $3.95

  • Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card fees are 2.5%

  • American Express fee is 3.1%

Property Tax Calendar

  • January 1st 

    • Date that Values and exemptions are determined for the tax year.

    • Tax liens are attached to property to secure payment of taxes

  • January 2nd

    • Date rendition period begins for business accounts ( continues till April 15)

  • January 10th

    • If your original Tax bill is sent after this date, you will receive an extended payment date

  • January 31st

    • Last day to pay property taxes without P&I (unless tax bill was sent after January 10th)

    • Last day for Over 65 and disabled to make their first quarterly payment.

  • February 1st

    • Taxes are now considered late, and will have Penalty and Interest ( P&I) attached to the payment (unless Tax Bill was mailed January 10th or later)

  • March 31st

    • Last day for Over 65 and Disabled to make their 2nd quarterly payment

  • April 1st

    • Deadline date for appraised value notices sent out to single family residence homestead property. (or as soon as practicable thereafter)

  • April 15th

    • Last day for business property owners to file rendition forms with the Appraisal District.

  • April 30th

    • Last day for property owners to file protest with ARB for single-family residences

  • May 2nd

    • Notices are mailed out to all delinquent accounts stating that if the taxes are still delinquent on July 1, an additional 20% attorney fee will be added to the amount due.

  • May 31st

    • Last day for over 65 and disabled to make their 3rd quarterly payment.

    • Last day for property owners to file a protest with the ARB that is NOT a single-family residence.

  • July 1st

    • Date that all delinquent accounts will accrue the maximum percentage of penalty (12%) and additional attorney fee of 20%. Delinquent accounts are forwarded to the attorney’s office, Perdue, Brandon (phone: 713-862-1860) for further action.

  • July 31st

    • Last day for ov65 and disabled to make 4th and final quarterly payment.

  • October 1st or as soon thereafter as practicable 

    • Tax statements for the new tax year are mailed out.

Escrow for 2024 Tax Year

Would you like to make payments towards your taxes instead of paying in one lump sum?

If so, you can establish an escrow account payment with the Alief Tax Office for your 2024 property tax. The escrow account amount will be the amount of your 2023 tax levy divided by 8. You can make eight equal monthly deposits to your escrow account starting February 1, 2023. When the 2024 tax bill is prepared, the funds in escrow will be applied to your tax amount. Should you have an excess amount, you will receive a refund.  If there are not sufficient funds in the escrow, your 2024 tax bill will reflect the remaining amount due.

For more information, talk with a tax office representative at 281-498-3660