School Bus Safety

The most important time for a student riding the school bus is the loading and unloading process.  It is critical that students are visible to the driver and out of the bus danger zones (15 foot perimeter) when the bus is in motion.  This rule applies to the loading and unloading both in the neighborhoods and at the schools.  If students are crossing the street, they should immediately move out of the danger zone and proceed at least 15 feet in front of the bus before crossing.  Because safety is so important, misbehavior on the bus or at the bus stop can cause a student to lose bus privileges.  A summary of the bus rules are posted on the bus by the transportation department.  It is the responsibility  of the parent/guardian to arrange for transportation in the event loss of privileges.  Violations are reported to the school administrator and parents are informed.  Consequences for violations will result in disciplinary action ranging from warnings to suspension of bus privileges, as determined by the administrator.

Seat Belts on School Buses

Transportation Safety

Due to new Texas legislation, newly purchased Alief ISD school buses now have seat belts.

If your child is riding a bus that has seat belts, your student must wear one correctly while onboard.

Seguridad en el Transporte

Debido a la nueva legislación de Texas, los autobuses escolares recientemente adquiridos por Alief ISD ahora tienen cinturones de seguridad.

Si su hijo/a viaja en un autobús que tiene cinturones de seguridad, el estudiante debe usarlo de forma correcta mientras está en el autobús.

An Toàn Giao Thông

Do luật mới của Texas, các xe buýt học đường mới mua của Alief ISD hiện có dây đeo an toàn.

Nếu con quý vị đang đi bằng xe buýt có dây đeo an toàn, con quý vị phải mang dây đeo an toàn đúng cách khi ở trên xe.