Kindergarten Guidelines

Kindergarten Release Policy Video

Kindergarten Release Guidelines

A Kindergarten Release Form must be completed by parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of all A.I.S.D. kindergarten students whom will be riding a school bus home in the afternoon. This form is required, and can be obtained from the student’s assigned elementary school office by contacting the campus registrar.

On this form, parent(s)/guardian(s) have one of two choices: 1. Student will be released from the bus without a parent/guardian present at the bus stop (green tag), or 2. Student will be released to a parent/guardian whom is waiting at the bus stop (red tag).

A red or green name tag must be worn/displayed to the bus driver daily upon afternoon dismissal at the bus loading zone in order for kindergarten student(s) to be transported.

Green Tag students are allowed to exit the bus at their assigned bus stop without a parent/guardian present.

Red Tag students must meet the following safety criteria in order to be released by the bus driver at their assigned bus stop:

  1. Parent/guardian choosing to meet their student at the bus stop in the afternoon will be issued a district-approved (annually) colored name placard by the campus registrar. This placard must be shown to the bus driver daily when the bus arrives at the assigned stop location.

  2. Student will be issued a RED name tag, which indicates to the bus driver that this student will be met by a parent/guardian at the bus stop.

  3. Parent/guardian must be at the assigned bus stop on time with the placard clearly visible to the bus driver when the bus arrives each afternoon.

  4. Driver will release red tag kinder to parent/guardian displaying placard at the bus stop.

Student safety will not be compromised. Failure to display the designated name placard will result in student being returned to their campus, and parent/guardian will be required to pick up their student from campus administration.

Please ensure that Transportation instructions are clearly understood. Additional information regarding A.I.S.D. Transportation services can be obtained by visiting the district website at