Guardianship Forms

Form Submission Process

  1. Download the necessary form and fill out the PDF document. Upon completion, save the PDF.

    1. If you are unable to fill out the PDF, print out the document, complete it, and either scan the document or take a high-quality photo of the document. 

  2. Complete a ticket form. When completing this ticketing form, select:

    1. What can we help you with?: General Questions and Comments

    2. What school/department is this pertaining to?: Department\Enrollment (Student Services)

    3. Using the Attachments option at the bottom of the form, attach the completed form either as a PDF or an image file.

  3. The Student Services Department will review your request and will directly email you. Please expect an email from

Please also complete a ticket form if you have any questions regarding the forms. You may also email us directly at Email Contact

Guardianship Requirements

This course of action applies to anyone applying for enrollment of a child other than the biological parent.

  • The applicant must have acceptable documentation for establishing standard guardianship requirements.

  • The applicant is proclaiming to the school district that they have voluntarily assumed the responsibility for the care and well-being of the child while in membership in the district.

  • The applicant must have, at time of enrollment, all documentation required for registering the child. The documentation must be submitted by the adult applicant along with the completed form.

Guardianship Required Documents:

  1. Notarized Power of Attorney Letter written by a parent who has the authority to give guardianship or:

    • CPS Placement documents

    • Court documents signed by a judge

    • Death Certificate

  2. Notarized District Acceptance form signed by the Guardian

  3. Guardian’s proof of residency:

    • Lease, Deed or AISD tax receipt

    • Business mail

  4. Student’s Birth Certificate: Must include name of guardian who wrote POA letter

  5. Student Immunization Records

  6. Last Report Card or Withdrawal Form

    • Withdrawal Form required after the 10th day of instruction

  7. Student Social Security Card

  8. Photo ID of the Guardian

Guardianship Form